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Home Theater

Services - Home TheaterExperience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater at an affordable price. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable.The products that make up a home theater are experiencing price reductions which has dramatically reduced the overall cost of our custom home theater packages. Furthermore, technological developments make today's less expensive components perform better than yesterday's more expensive ones. Great news when you are considering trading up. We can design a theater package for almost every budget.

Media Rooms

Hidden screen and motorized shades turn any room into theaterFrom the simple to the extravagant, we will work with you to design the media room of your dreams. For the family that multi-tasks while relaxing, or for those wide-open spaces, a multi-purpose media room may be ideal.With technicians educated on the very latest in audio and video technology, we are well equipped to meet your Media Room needs.

Whether your looking for a neat installation of a large TV over the fireplace, a drop-down screen that is out of the way when not in use, or simply wanting great sound for relaxing or partying, we are the ones to call. Television size, speaker setup, component capabilities, remote programming, and more are all taken into account to deliver the Media Room that will blow you away.

Outdoor Living

Watching TV high above the cityBackyards, patios and pools have been a technologically neglected part of the home for too long, though we spend much time there for both relaxing and entertaining. With new advances in outdoor technology, you can now bring the comfort, enjoyment and sounds from indoors to your patio and pool areas!  Outdoor TVs are totally weather proof and can be washed off with a hose; outdoor speakers now reproduce great sound; subwoofers can even be buried underground for a fuller range of sound.  Best of all, you can control what you watch or listen to with one easy-to-use remote while sitting in your chair.